Is Your Farm Stay Pet Friendly – Tips to help it work

Doggy Dos and Doggy Don’ts

  • Don’t forget to clean up any little messes in the houseyard – nobody wants to see or clean up your doggy dos.
  • Don’t dispose of the doggy dos in the farm house garden – YUK!
  • Puppies are rarely allowed in accommodation, be honest about their age and be ready to make other arrangements for pups and young dogs.
  • Yappers are disturbing to others – make other arrangements for constant yapping dogs…
  • Don’t expect to be able to go on outings without your dog – unsupervised dogs are unlikely to be welcome on a working farm.
  • Whiners are even worse – make other arrangements for dogs who pine for you whilst you are absent.
  • Respect your owners rules for your dog.
  • Bring your dogs bed or bedding. Don’t allow your dog to sleep in the bed, on the bed or other soft furnishings.
  • Many pet friendly farm stays will let you bring your dog, but some not inside the house – check their pet policy
  • Farm fences are rarely dog proof, and dogs that want to get out will find a way.
  • Rangers will take a loose dog in the country very seriously – i.e. BIG FINES, and it is LEGAL to shoot a dog so keep it safe and close.
  • Don’t take naughty dogs
  • Don’t use your farms policy of being dog friendly to save on boarding fees, only take well mannered dogs on your farm holiday.
  • Don’t take dogs that chase animals or birds – you may be asked to leave!
  • Dogs are not allowed in National Parks, if you go for a bushwalk – then what are you going to do with him or her?
  • Dog scooping poop.jpg                                                                            This dog would certainly be welcome at my Farm Stay!dogs

        I don’t want to go to the farm, I’d rather go get spoiled at grandmas!

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