Packing and Other tips for your NSW Farm Stay

When at the Farm

Don’t leave a Gate open if you have walked through it – sure you may be coming back through soon –  but its critical you close the gate as soon as you drive or walk through. Leave open gates open and closed gates closed!

Before walking through a paddock make sure it belongs to your farmstay and also that there isn’t a bull in it!

When you are walking in paddocks on your farmstay – and whenever you are bushwalking, do not walk with your hands in your pockets – if you trip you will land on your face!

If you see a snake walk backwards slowly away from it or stand completely still until it passes.

Don’t forget to Pack!

Wear old clothes so your clothes don’t get ruined in the country on your holiday!

Wear shoes that are old – but with good tread – sandshoes and some sneakers are very slippery on dewy grass and mossy rocks.


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