Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

Tell your Farmstay hosts if your plans include any kind of gathering or celebration ….

Be Plain and Honest about Your Plans

We call them many things, and its OK to refer to them as a gathering, extended family, a dinner, a celebration or even a plain old ‘Shin Dig’.

But make super sure you mention your plans when you enquire and book. Not all properties will allow them or even consider a booking when a party or a ‘special dinner’ is concerned’. Others have large long tables, or outdoor barns or gazbos and are particularly happily have them.

Don’t assume you can dig a Hangi pit, a camp fire, a wedding no matter how ‘low-key’, engage a caterer…. or even hang decorations.

Most don’t allow the furniture to be added to for additional seating, or moved around its all ‘wear and tear’ you see.


Ask about everything you are hoping to include.

Remember to mention if there is going to be music, games, catering, and if others not accommodated at the property will be attending.

Some accommodation have restaurants, pubs and clubs in walking distance instead, which may hold your group dinner at surprisingly low prices – investgate your options – ask your host for details, they will know what is in the area.

Kitchens are often not big enough to cook for a large group, often they are just kitchenettes, and fridges may not be huge some only bar style – ask and investigate properly.


Even the best plans can go awry, usually too much liquor is at the heart, make sure YOU stay in control, and respect your hosts property by remaining in control of your event and allowing no nonsense.

Look After the Property

Clean up extra well, and take extra rubbish home.

If you have decorations ask if you can use them, and use quality masking tape and remove them gently to not ruin the paintwork.

Own Up and Offer hosts money if your guests have caused damage – it could happen!- so the host can rectify what happened.

If you aren’t willing to hold your party or gathering at home….ask yourself is it really because you don’t want the extra cleaning, possible damage or noise.

Let your hosts make the same decision too, by giving them all the facts before accepting your booking.

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