Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

Babies & Toddlers shouldn’t pay in a Farmstay? Or should they?

Paying for children

Have you noticed that many accommodation properties don’t want to know you….won’t even have you, now you have kids in the mix?

This is so annoying isn’t it….

On the other hand many guests don’t think they should pay for kids…. But is this really realistic in farm accommodation? After all almost every group has kids and babies as the choice for a farm experience is often mainly for the kids.

There needs to be a meeting of the minds….

AAKT0C little girl writing on the wall of her house

Sometimes – Children draw on walls

child 3

Sometimes kids just can’t resist

child 4

Sometimes make mistakes

Sometimes Yummy Fingers touch and feel


Sometimes bounce real high

Toddlers and babies often leave a bigger mess and possibly even breakage, so be happy you are going to child friendly establishments and expect to pay for them too.

  • In a restaurant a child eats much less
  • In a plane the child sits on your lap.
  • In accommodation however the situation is reversed – children have an even greater footprint than an adult.

Food for thought – Is the house where you live tidier now that you have had children…?

If you believe your kids should be welcome in accommodation everywhere – then you really should be happy to pay for their holiday too.

Cereal spilled onto floor --- Image by © Pauline St. Denis/Corbis

Sometimes things slip

Happy funny messy eater

Sometimes they wear more than they eat

Baby covered in spaghetti

Golly that was good Mum!

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