Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

New South Wales Farm Stays in Autumn – Foraging for Mushrooms

Farm Stays around Sydney have hidden Delights

Autumn at your Farm Stay is a lovely time! Beautiful landscapes filled with russets, golds and ambers, the colours of autumn and each season are so much clearer in the country.

Another tip – Walk around and forage for mushrooms its terrific fun but make sure you are careful! Only collect the ones you are certain, positive, absolutely sure… are edible.

The ones I collect at our farm stay and in and around the streets and lanes of my beautiful village with my daughter are Field Mushrooms, Golden Boletus aka Porcini, Saffron Milk Caps and Slippery Jacks. Look in parks, paddocks and on the verges especially a sunny day after a rainy one. Under fir trees will be a great place to look!

There are many others but I just stick with these basic 3 ones.

Field Mushrooms

Field mushrooms are the ones you see year round in the supermarket, the common mushroom. They are white cream in colour and have light pink or brown undersides. They have short squat stems. They smell just like the mushrooms you are used too. The mushrooms in your supermarket are usually brown underneath but when first picked they would have been more pinky underneath.

field mushrooms

White with no smell? Whitey yellow underneath? Thin very flat top? Tall skinny stem? Then don’t collect them these are poisonous toadstools. The photos above are of the edible ones please stick with these.

Slippery Jacks

Very dark brown or medium golden brown with a distinctly shiny slimy top surface. Flat cap often in a clump overlapping. You may see just one but there may be others close by so look carefully!

These are sooo easy they are middle golden in colour, nice flat caps with literally a light yellow underside that looks like foam. They smell just like normal mushrooms. All these photos are delicious Slippery Jacks.

golden mushroom

Saffron Milk Caps

Salmon/almost like a soft orange colour, a firm flat cap with little bumps all over, lovely salmon frills underneath. They smell just like normal mushrooms too!

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