Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

Old Clothes and Farmstay Moments They Will Always Remember

Young children need experiences. This is why playing with water, swimming, dirt, and mud can entertain children for hours. When I sit down to play with them, I get sucked in too! My kids have outside play together on most days, and they get so engrossed that I just knew a farmstay would be a real treat for all of us and go down well with my brood.

Even my baby loves to sit and splash in the puddles, eat dirt (ahem), or chew on gum leaves. I often sit with the kids and lay back looking up at the clouds. It’s amazing how many minutes go by while in a paddock cloud daze.

I genuinely believe one of the reasons mums and dads don’t let their children get filthy is because of the fear of ruining clothes.

Luckily, this day in age with soakers and a washing machine, you can pretty much get most stains out pretty easily.

Did you know denim jeans were originally considered ‘field clothes’ , with rivets and their hard-wearing fabric. And no don’t that doesnt mean you need to bring your very best new Levi’s for the farm.

If it’s not permanent, it doesn’t hurt anybody, and it’s fun, then why not? And even then, I have some clothes that are perfect for farm play because they were inexpensive and not precious. Stains, rips, or tears on these ones won’t really matter, nor will I feel compelled to chase them asking them to stop wallering.

So If you are Type A like me and want everything organised and neat make sure you have access to a washing machine, and take old clothes to your farmstay in NSW!

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