Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

Stand up and Be Counted when heading to your Farmstay near Sydney

What to Mention when Booking In

Accurate numbers – to ‘smuggle’ someone in to accommodation is seen in a VERY dim light in accommodation as after all this is what they SELL – accommodation.

Maybe you think the words ‘people smuggling’ sounds too dramatic, but genuinely its a real problem for hosts and doing this is really really wrong!

Be honest and happy to pay for all the people you ask along, or please just stay at home.

Unfortunately all hosts are faced with people often trying to minimise numbers, it’s a very annoying practise – and is tantamount to stealing – so please mention each and every member of your group … and even the ones who are babies or just staying a single night!????????????????????????????????????

All Hosts are very aware – don’t make a fool of yourself

Babies Cause more Mess – Not Less!

Even if you are going to take your own port-a-cot, or your toddler is going to sleep in your bed, (justify it any way you will) they still incur a cost and have a footprint, there is more wear and tear, there is more cleaning to do, toys and facilities like Port-a-cots and high chairs when supplied need to be checked for cleanliness and often folded up and put away.

Even babies still produce waste like nappies and wipes which need to be disposed of. They need heating and monitors, and warmed milk and food. Please don’t think your little one has no ‘footprint’.

Day Visitors

Same thing – don’t think its automatically OK to ask your friends to join you for an afternoon – without asking your host….After all really it the host providing them with the experience and surroundings… NOT you!

And Don’t forget to buy travel insurance straight away when you book.


Stand Up and be Counted

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