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When Dirt is Great for Kids – Boost Their Immunity

So you get to your Farmstay near Sydney and you ask your kids “Do you want to go and run and roll in the paddocks?” 

Given the choice, kids will always say yes well before they want to even check out the accommodation – others will fail to answer you at all and just run straight in.

This may be hard for a mum – OMG – the germs, the mess, the task of cleaning up – and yes the clothes might get a tear and will get grubby – but did you know that allowing kids to play in the dirt is super important to their development, and overall immune health? City life is highly sanitized and structured, and this is NOT a good thing.

Here are 5 important reasons to let your child get dirty at your NSW farm stay

Keep your kids active

When allowed to play in the dirt, your children are likely to be running, jumping, crawling and cartwheeling through it – not just sitting down making mud pies! This activity is highly important in child development. Let them climb a tree, swing on tyre swings and clamour over fences. They will be less likely to become sedentary adults.

So take your oldest clothes and don a pair of old sneakers or gummies!

Lower Anxiety levels, Broaden their Life’s Scope

Free, unstructured outdoor playtime in the farm paddocks is great fun relieving stress and anxiety. Kids get quiet time to think and to engage with the animals. To forget about their woes at school with bullies and academics. To catch a grasshopper, to see some mushrooms. Pan for gold and go on bushwalks.

Studies suggests that people who visit wide open spaces for 30 minutes or more each week are much less likely to have poor mental health than those who don’t.

Vitamin D

Sun safety is important, but not getting enough time in the sun isn’t healthy either.  So Slip Slop and Slap and let them run free!

Playing outside in the dirt means more time in the sun (and taking in vitamin D — something we all need to protect the health of our bones and immune systems).

Boost their immune system

Playing in (and yes even eating) the dirt can strengthen young immune systems. Asthma and hayfever can result if a child isn’t introduced to all types of environmental conditions.

“Without exposure to everyday germs, which can be found in mud, children miss out on building a stronger, more robust immunity to sickness.”

Happiness is priceless – ‘Youth is but Fleeting’ as they say…

Being young and carefree doesn’t sadly last all your life, make sure your kid gets to be a kid by taking then to one of our NSW Farmstays!

It will only take a second. The smile on your child’s face as they run, jump and skip carefree reinforces: Playing in the dirt is so much fun!

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