Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

Is a Farmstay right for your Family – Will you enjoy it? It’ll be a great holiday…won’t it?

Go on a Farmstay Holiday if…

You are looking for a budget holiday. Many farmstays offer great value for money, especially out of season. Remember though the price is not about the house accommodation, it’s about the animals and land. A farm stay is not a luxury stay but it is tremendous fun!

You like the sunbut with a bit of mountain breeze thrown in. As well as a chance to get away from coastal crowds. Many farmstays in NSW are within easy reach of the coast, and yet take you into another world.

You hate the words ‘family friendly’ – because farmstays don’t need to use such terms. You hate searching for accommodation only to find they don’t allow children at all…. Families are at the core of what farmstays are all about.

Farmers markets get you just a little bit giddy and envious of their lifestyle. Nothing beats a few days or a weekend of giddiness.

Don’t go on a Farmstay Holiday if…

You aren’t Ok with Dust and Flies. Haven’t you heard of country lanes – they aren’t sealed with bitumen you know, and we all know about the ‘Great Aussie Wave’. So what if the car gets a but dusty. Get some Aerogard and go and ‘ave a good weekend’.

You are funny about wildlife. Screaming at a spider or having a meltdown over a mouse is not really going with the rural vibe. You may even see a snake.

You are a beach bum. Few farmstays are right on the beach, and most are more likely to be slightly inland, with a walk or short journey to the coast. But there are some exceptions.

Partying ‘til dawn is your thing. Things get chilled on the farm after sunset, but in a quiet, tranquil way. Cuddle up and watch your favourite rated G movies with the kids. Quality time at its absolute best!

You don’t want children around. Especially during the school holidays. Farmstays are very popular with families.

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