Tips and Hints for a great NSW Farmstay

So you are a Type A mum? How to Manage your Farmstay Expectation

So you have paid $990 for the weekend for 4 persons in a cottage on a farm. Yes this would be a lot in the city, and so you would expect things to be ‘just so’. Yes you would expect a large flat screen, sound bar and the latest selection of coffee pods supplied.

Well your Farmstay’ s price is all about the land, and the animal experience in a NSW Farmstay. The closer to Sydney well you will pay that little bit more too. Farms are no longer affordable within 2/3 hrs of Sydney due to so many people able to work from home, and commuting now possible.

Country Style is not Swedish Minimalist, it is a collection of comfortable furniture gathered throughout the decades – often of different styles. This decor tells a story and shows how farmers live a more sustainable life on the land that their city cousins. Warm rich hues, crochet knee rugs and handstitched quilts, a painting of the farm by the owners son…. Broaden your likes, and embrace the simplicity.

Same goes for expectations of perfect, the farm family have a lot more work on their hands than just your guest cottage. Farm money goes on fencing, vets and the ever increasing cost of stock feed. Money’s hard for everyone but imagine droughts and flooding rains and bushfires.

Naturally your accommodations cleanliness is essential, and everything provided should work, but really ‘so what’ if the paint needs a touch up or the coffee maker is an older style.

Relax get outside, take in the fresh air, walk the paddocks and play with the animals – after all it’s them that you’re there for isn’t it! Meet the farmer they are personable and friendly wanting to know what they can do to help you enjoy your time in the country at their farm and will know all the great things to do closeby too!

But, if you just seek a monochrome black & white palette in your life (naturally with a ‘pop’ of colour) and if you usually only shop at IKEA – then head to the big hotels you will just love their style…

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