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Welcome to www.farm-stay.com.au

This is the definitive guide to all Farm Stays in NSW. We are dedicated to bring the City and Country together. To help the city folk understand the hardships – and the beauty of ‘Life on the Land’, and to see where their food comes from. To learn all about animals and nature too!

Most importantly to help families, groups and couples find a fantastic Farm for a short break – one that will tick all their boxes!

All NSW Farm Stays are listed.

Properties under 2 and 1/2 acres are not included – sorry guys, nor any non – working Properties, nor that really don’t have any farm animals – unless they genuinely have something really special to offer the traveller – which is very farm orientated, or offers out-of-the-ordinary experiential rural activities, and then we happily include them.

If you have just opened or started taking guests, or even if you feel we have missed your property – please drop us a comment here, tell us more about your property, what it offers and take some great photos, we would love to include you.

Its all free for both properties and the guest – and it always will be.

Also we are not and never will be a ‘review’ driven site.

Take note of the questions in our Comparison tool and tell us what you need your farm to show here. We would love to include you and help all those parents, families, individuals, groups and couples who have a love of ‘The Farm’, a ‘Tree Change Dream’ to find you too!

Same thing if you would like to change some pics in your farms post, add extra info or correct something we haven’t got quite right – send us a friendly comment and we will happily assist.

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